Frequently Asked Questions

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+       When does Special Olympics take place?
+       When are Special Olympics World Games?
+       How is Special Olympics different from Paralympics?
+       Is Special Olympics part of the Olympic movement?
+       How many people does Special Olympics serve?
+       How prevalent are intellectual disabilities?




+       Who can participate in Special Olympics?
+       What is an Intellectual Disability?
+       Are Special Olympics programs for individuals with physical disabilities?
+       I am in a wheelchair – do I qualify for Special Olympics?



+       When do I need to register?
+       What do I need to register with Special Olympics Calgary?
+       I am moving from a different affiliate – can I have my previous Special Olympics program mail my records to Special Olympics Calgary?
+       Is there a cost to participate with Special Olympics?




+       How do I pay for my registration and sports?
+       Do I have to pay for all of my sports now?
+       Are post-dated cheques acceptable?
+       I am unable to afford the program fees, what can I do?
+       How do I get a refund?




+       Which sports does Special Olympics Calgary offer?
+       What is divisioning?
+       What is the dress code at the program?
+       The Program Information on the website doesn't show the start date. How do I know when my sport will start?
+       When will I receive confirmation if I am in my requested program?
+       Do you provide one to one support for the athletes?
+       What happens if my program is cancelled?



+       Who is eligible to participate in Special Olympics Games?
+       How do athletes qualify to compete?



+       Does Special Olympics need volunteers?
+       What are the volunteer age requirements?
+       When can I volunteer?
+       I don’t have the time available at this time to coach. How else can I help?



+       Which credit cards does Special Olympics accept?  How can I be sure my donation is secure?
+       Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?
+       I have old trophies/awards/medals, will Special Olympics be able to use them?
+       How is Special Olympics Calgary funded?



+       Is Special Olympics Calgary a registered charity?
+       What does the Special Olympics logo signify?
+       What is the Special Olympics Athlete Oath?
+       What impact does Special Olympics have on athletes?
+       How can I help Special Olympics Calgary?
+       What do I do if my information changes during the year?



I still have questions – who can I contact?

You can contact our office through phone or email and we would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please contact us here