Special visit from the Calgary Flames


Mikael Backlund joins our floor hockey program

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On Wednesday, January 8th, 2014, we had 60 anxiously awaiting athletes as they heard the news that #11 on the Calgary Flames, Mikael Backlund, would be joining the novice floor hockey program.

After getting in at 4am from Phoenix, Mikael joined our four teams with energy and a face full of smiles! As soon as he arrived, he was greeted by a swarm of athletes wanting to meet the young hockey star. Once everyone said their hi's and asked their questions, Mikael was eager to jump into a game and play some scrimmage, until he was handed the stick and replied with, "this is the stick?".

Special Olympics floor hockey program follows in the footsteps closer to ringette, with the stick having a straight end instead of the known hockey stick curve. This allows athletes to keep control of the puck which looks like a large flattened donut.

It didn't take Mikael long though to get the hang of the new style and the athletes happily welcomed him onto the floor. There were some great passes and great games played, but the memorable quote of the night goes to the Grizzlies goalie, Nicholas Little, who after blocking one of Mikael's attempted shots on net said, "I'm going to tell all my friends that I blocked a shot from Mikael Backlund".

At the end of the games, Mikael happily signed jerseys, sticks, hats and cards and took photos with an endless line up of excited athletes.

We can't express how thankful we are for Mikael to take the time to join our program and how much it meant to our athletes. He is an outstanding hockey player and even more so young man, and appreciate him being a part of the Special Olympics Calgary family!

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