2012-2013 Year End Awards

Special Olympics Calgary had an exciting and busy 2012-2013 program season! We couldn't have done it without the tremedous support of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and athletes. With an outstanding team that we have within Special Olympics, it makes it tough but every year we like to give special attention and recognize a few individuals who have gone above and beyond their role in our organization. This year, we awarded male and female coach of the year, volunteer leadership award, Ed Whalen award and recgonized an athlete in every sport program for the sport leadership and excellence award.

Here are the 2012-2013 award recipients:

Male Coach of the Year

Steven Sheppard

CFT 0120

Female Coach of the Year

Barb Prystai

    no photo avilable

Volunteer Leadership Award

Norm Hurley

    no photo avilable

Ed Whalen Award

The Price Family

    no photo avilable



Athlete Sport Leadership and Excellence Award

The Affiliate Management Committee and Athlete Leadership Committee members presented these awards.

Active Start/FUNdamentals

Jayda Englot-Strandlund

    no photo avilable

Athletics - Nov/Intermediate

Matt Rollo

CFT 0160

Athletics - Advanced

Erica Manson

CFT 0162

Basketball - Novice

Ben Zavitz

    no photo avilable

Basketball - Advanced

Nelson Chizmadia

CFT 0142


Zachary Deklerk

    no photo avilable

5 Pin Bowling - Chinook

Courtney Allen

CFT 0158

5 Pin Bowling - Chinook Youth

Andrew McDonald

CFT 0157

5 Pin Bowling - Deerfoot

Tommy Bolen

CFT 0154

5 Pin Bowling - Paradise

Jason Dickson

CFT 0155

10 Pin Bowling

Tammy Poirier

    no photo avilable


Findlay Rudolph

    no photo avilable


Shirley Ware

    no photo avilable

Floor Hockey - Beginner

Garth Fath

    no photo avilable

Floor Hockey - Novice Grizzlies

Ashley Pagenkopf

CFT 0166

Floor Hockey - Novice Hurricanes

Carla Natlund

CFT 0175

Floor Hockey - Novice Scorpians

Christopher Rose

CFT 0169

Floor Hockey - Novice Storm

Andrew Turnbull

CFT 0164

Floor Hockey - Intermediate Hitmen

Steve Van Oosterhout

    no photo avilable

Floor Hockey - Intermediate Red Wings

Spencer Stevens

CFT 0168

Floor Hockey - Intermediate Thunderbirds

Mark Sagriff

CFT 0174

Floor Hockey - Intermediate Wolverines

Richard Pepler

CFT 0171

Golf - Intermediate

Heather Twells

CFT 0144

Golf - Advanced

Allie Price

CFT 0146


Andrew Harding

    no photo avilable

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Brittany Lloyd

CFT 0128

Skating - Figure

Walter Zolotukho

CFT 0127

Skating - Speed

Diego Seyer

CFT 0126

Skiing - Alpine

Katherine St. Amand

CFT 0130

Skiing - Cross Country

Kayla Gent

CFT 0131


Jonathon Stel

CFT 0132

Soccer - Beginner

Hannah DeWaal

CFT 0133

Soccer - Novice

Joshua Weaver

CFT 0134

Soccer - Intermediate

Corey Lorenz

CFT 0135

Soccer - Advanced

Daniel Kong

    no photo avilable

Softball - Beginner

Michelle Bennie

CFT 0148

Softball - Novice

Stephen Oakleaf

CFT 0149

Softball - Intermediate

Christopher Demchuk

CFT 0151

Softball - Advanced

Chad Harlos

CFT 0152

Swimming - Beginner

Katherine Cooksley

CFT 0137

Swimming - Intermediate

Morgan Gehring

CFT 0138

Swimming - Advanced

Matthew Russell

CFT 0140


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