Summer Provincial Games UPDATE

The 2013 Summer Provincials Games were held June 21-23, 2013, in Devon, AB. Team Calgary consisted of 215 athletes, coaches and mission staff involved in athletics, bocce, golf, powerlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer and softball.

IMG 3564

The weekend started off on Friday, June 21st when our athletes, parents, caregivers, volunteers and coaches met at Deerfoot Mall, the departure point. Due to the heavy rainfall and flooding that had happened over the last couple of days in Calgary and surrounding areas, there were a few delays as we waited for the team to safely arrive. We finally loaded 5 buses of Team Calgary members and started heading off to Devon!

There was some more rain as we headed down the highway but once we passed Olds, the sky cleared and the sun was shining! We pulled into Leduc to check into our hotel and quickly change into our Team Calgary uniforms and head to dinner. We took our buses into Devon and were warmly welcomed by the town of Devon! There were smiling volunteers giving our team highfives as we came off the bus. The town of Devon's community centre hosted a delicious dinner and had live entertainment! The guitarist/singer even sang one of our athletes, Tim McArter, a personal happy birthday song!

IMG 3167IMG 3154                
Happy Birthday Tim McArter!                                The volunteers in Devon with a warm welcome

After dinner everyone moved outside and enjoyed some time in the sun, relaxing, tossing a frisbee or kicking a soccer ball as we waited to get marshalled into the opening ceremonies. Once we did get lined up, Team Calgary and all 215 members formed the BIGGEST line as the largest affiliate there! The team walked in proudly in their red shirts and Calgary hats, led by our sign bearer, Julianna Mitchell. Each affiliate brought in their sign, which was actually a puzzle piece, that ended up piecing together to be the province of Alberta!
The opening ceremonies started off with excitement as Devon's mayor, Anita Fisher, came up to speak and broke into a FLASH MOB and all the volunteers joined in too! We were also joined by the BEARS bike parade as well as our wonderful LETR members who came in running and biking with the torch!

Team Calgary
Three photos pieced together to show how big Team Calgary was!

IMG 3214IMG 3221               
  The torch coming in!
                                           The map of Alberta with all pieces of the puzzle

The opening ceremony came to a close and our team headed back to the hotel to get some sleep and prepare for the start of the games tomorrow. Saturday morning came early but it didn't take much to wake excited, anxious athletes! The beginning of competition started for all sports, athletics, bocce, golf, powerlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer and softball. It was pretty exciting because this was the first year that bocce and golf were official sports in our provincial games! The sun was shining and the games had begun!

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There was lots of action throughout the day! There were preliminary events for athletics, divisioning for soccer and softball, and a full day of competition for bocce, powerlifting and rhythmic gymnastics as they were a one day event. The golf program participated in skills competitions which consisted of putting and chipping, and athletes did their first round of 9 holes. Devon ended up on floodwatch and as the golf course was near the river and rising, they cancelled the rest of the golfing. Most of our athletes had finished all their holes except for a couple of groups. We luckily were able to evacuate everyone off of the course safely and all members weren`t affected. The rest of the weekend the sun was shining but the necessary precautions were taken to ensure everyones safety.

After competitions for the day, our team headed back to the hotel and had some time to relax and get ready for the evening. The dinner and dance had a beach theme for the evening, so athletes and coaches got dressed in their best beachy wear!! We enjoyed a supper of ribs and potato salad and it didn`t take very much to get the athletes on the dance floor once the music started!! There was a photobooth set up that night and lots of Team Calgary got in on the fun!

IMG 3529
IMG 3471IMG 3477IMG 3470IMG 3528IMG 3533

To view the photobooth pictures click here
password: DEVON2013

IMG 3716
The mission staff in the photobooth

Sunday morning came, the last day of competition and sadly the day to head home. The team had to pack their bags before they headed off to the sport venues so it made an early morning! Because bocce, powerlifting and rhythmic gymnastics finished on Saturday, the teams went out to the other sports to cheer them on! Because it was the final day of the Games, that meant medal rounds for all the sports and we had many of our individuals and teams competing in the finals. We were excited for our athletes that received medals, but were proud of the amount of our athletes that had achieved their personal bests this weekend. There has been vast improvements over the year and we can never express enough how proud we are of Team Calgary!!


Here are a few photos from the weekend:
For more pictures, please view our facebook albums

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IMG 3169IMG 3170
IMG 3192IMG 3477
IMG 3639IMG 3235
IMG 3486IMG 3297
IMG 3301IMG 3333
IMG 3247IMG 3427
IMG 3483IMG 3579
IMG 3523IMG 3721
IMG 3613IMG 3309


Here are the final results:


28 Gold

24 Silver

29 Bronze


1 Gold
1 Silver


6 Gold
4 Silver
5 Bronze


7 Gold
3 Silver

Rhythmic Gymnastics:

4 Gold
5 Silver
4 Bronze


1 Bronze


1 Gold
1 Bronze

Team Calgary won a total of 124 medals!

We had a very exciting weekend and couldn't be more proud of all of our athletes. They showed great determination, sportsmanship and spirit as they competed all weekend and were amazing representatives for Special Olympics Calgary. A big thank you goes out to all of our coaches for giving their time and expertise over the program season as well as dedicating their weekend to the athletes.

It was a fantastic weekend and we want to thank Special Olympics Alberta and Devon for hosting the Summer Games, as well as all of the wonderful volunteers who shared their weekend with us.

For information regarding Team Alberta and the selection process please click here

If you have any photos from the Summer Games and want to see them on our website, please email them to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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