Donation from Dr. E.P. Scarlett

A graduation gift to a highschool teacher has grown into something more!

Andrew Pasqualetto and Eric De Villenfagne, two grade 12 students that are part of the 2013 graduating class at Dr. E.P. Scarlett Highschool, have made a great impact on their school, as well as our organization. It is because of the influence one of their teachers, Mr. Jean-Pascal Morin, had on them that started all of this. Andrew and Eric wanted to thank Mr. Morin, their social teacher, for the great two years that they were in his class. As they are graduating from highschool this year, like most students, they had thought about giving their teacher an end of the year gift. The two were just planning to put their money together to get Mr. Morin something that showed their appreciation, but they started talking to other students about their plan and they wanted to get involved too.

The group was trying to find what gift would be appropriate to get Mr. Morin that recipricated all that he has contributed to their lives. One of the students remembered that Mr. Morin had previously spoken about having his son, Isaac, involved with Special Olympics Calgary's Active Start program. The idea then blossomed to the decision to make a donation to Special Olympics Calgary in honor of Mr. Morin. The word quickly spread throughout the school and before they knew it, the rest of their graduating class was behind them! In a matter of a week, they had received donations from many other grade 12 students at their school as well as teachers.

It was last Friday, May 31st, 2013, that the French immersion program at the school had an assembly and presented Mr. Jean-Pascal Morin with a cheque of $2400 in his name as a donation to Special Olympics Calgary. We are truly honored to be recipients of this incredible idea that stemmed from two grade 12 students at Dr. E.P. Scarlett Highschool. Congratulations to Mr. Morin and all of his incredible years of teaching, and making such a positive influence on the lives of his students.

And of course, thank you and big congratulations to the 2013 graduating class at Dr. E.P. Scarlett Highschool! We wish you all the best in your years to come!

DSC 0029
Andrew Pasqualetto and Eric De Villenfagne presenting the cheque

DSC 0017
Mr. Morin's son, Isaac

DSC 0039
Andrew Pasqualetto, Mr. Jean-Pascal Morin and Eric De Villenfagne

DSC 0044
The 2013 French immersion graduating class from Dr. E.P. Scarlett Highschool

With only a week of fundraising before the cheque presentation to Mr. Jean-Pascal Morin, the students knew that there were more donations coming in. They continued to collect donations for a couple more weeks and finally presented Special Olympics Calgary with a cheque of $2960. Thank you to everyone who donated to allow our athletes to participate in our sport programs!

Eric De Villenfagne, Kathy Urquhart, Val Wahl and Andrew Pasqualetto

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