Team Canada back from World Winter Games

We couldn't be more proud on how our Special Olympics Calgary athletes did at the World Winter Games! See the results below and check out to see the closing ceremonies of the 2013 World Winter Games.

Full results, schedules and stories from the 2013 World Winter Games here

Cross Country Skiing

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1 KM Freestyle
Jennifer Riddell: 1st
Matthew Rollo: 4th

2.5 KM Classical
Sarah McCarthy: 2nd
Jennifer Riddell: 1st
Shane Stewart: 2nd

500 M Freestyle
Sarah McCarthy: 1st
Matthew Rollo: 5th

5 KM Freestyle
Shane Stewart: 1st

7.5 KM Freestyle
Elouise Stewart: 2nd

10 KM Freestyle
Elouise Stewart: 1st

4X1 KM Relay Freestyle
Canada 1 : 2nd
    Sarah McCarthy
    Jennifer Riddell
    Elouise Stewart
Canada 2 : 4th
    Shane Stewart
Canada 3 : 4th
   Matthew Rollo

Figure Skating

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Ice Dancing Level 1
Meg Ohsada: 2nd

Ice Dancing Level 4
Kennedy Zaytsoff: 1st

Singles Level 3
Meg Ohsada: 2nd

Singles Level 5
Kennedy Zaytsoff: 1st

Speed Skating

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500 M
Katie Saunders: 2nd

777 M
Katie Saunders: 1st

1000 M
Katie Saunders: 3rd

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