Calgary in the Spotlight

We are very proud to have individuals from Special Olympics Calgary being recognized and honored for their tremendous efforts.

The 31st International Law Enforcement Torch Run (ILETR) Conference was held in Indianapolis, Indiana from November 8-10, 2012. This event allows volunteers from all around the globe to come together and learn on ways to improve this already amazing movement. They build public awareness and come up with new ideas to continue to change the lives of Special Olympic athletes, as well as recognize outstanding individuals in the LETR community.

Leonka Kaluha

Leonka Kaluha has been one of Special Olympics Calgary athletes for the past ten years. She participates in 5 Pin Bowling, Athletics, Fitness, Floor Hockey and Golf. Leonka is also an avid volunteer helping out at many of our special events. She attended the ILETR as what she thought was a guest, but was pleasantly surprised when she found out she was a recipient. The Executive Council Athlete Award, one of three awards awarded to athletes throughout the entire world, was presented to Leonka. What an honor it was for her and we couldn't be more proud!

Theresa Garagan

Theresa is a detective in Calgary as well as the LETR director for Alberta. If you think she sounds busy enough with those important roles, well to your surprise, she is also SOC's head coach for Athletics, Fitness and Alpine Skiing! Theresa has made monumental contributions to the Special Olympics organization that shouldn't go unrecognized and they definitely haven't. At the ILETR Conference, Theresa was one of three people from around the world to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. We couldn't be more excited for her to receive such an honor and are so grateful for everything she has done for Special Olympics Calgary over the years.

Paul Manuel

Paul Manuel is one of our head coaches dedicated to Powerlifting. He is also the Canadian representative within the ILETR. Paul was presented with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal. This medal was given to Paul for his extraordinary ambassadorship for Special Olympics within Alberta. His passion and dedication to our organization is remarkable.


The Special Olympics Canada Festival was held on Friday, November 30, 2012 in Toronto. The Special Olympics Festival is a full day of celebrations including the Special Olympics Festival breakfast and Gala. This year they celebrated their 30th year along with the people and partners that enrich this movement every day.

Kelly Edwards

Kelly has been involved with Special Olympics since 1986 and has been Special Olympics Calgary's head coach of swimming for the past 15 years. She has been a member of Team Alberta numerous times, Team Canada twice, as well as a high performance mentor since 2008. Her parents were what first introduced her to get involved with SOC and she followed suit by getting her daughter involved as well. She is open to new ideas and has an incredible way of working with the athletes which leaves her with an impeccable reputation among other coaches, athletes and supporters.

Kelly was selected as female coach of the year for Special Olympics Calgary and later was selected as coach of the year for all of Alberta. At the festival she was announced as this years female coach of the year for Special Olympics Canada. After being recognized she stated, "I am shocked with all the amazing coaches from all across the country in the same room and being with them. Humbled that I was chosen and just simply honoured."

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