Darby and Leonka

Player Card - Darby and Leonka

Darby Taylor and Leonka Kaluha

Special Olympics isn't just about sport. It is about finding confidence, a place to belong, and for these two athletes... friendship.

Athletes, Darby Taylor and Leonka Kaluha would never have met if it wasn't for Special Olympics floor hockey.

Darby started playing floor hockey 12 years ago on Team Hurricane. He was nervous because sports had always been difficult for him and he had never been part of a team before. He didn't need to worry though, because Leonka, a long term member of the Hurricanes, immediately befriended him and welcomed him to the team. That was the start of a beautiful friendship, and they are now the best of friends and call each other "my brother" and "my sister"!

They both love playing floor hockey together and fundraising for Special Olympics and the LETR. The two have since both moved to Team Storm, and will be competing together in floor hockey at Provincial Winter Games!

Let's Go Darby, Leonka and Team Storm!



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