JorDen Tyson

Player Card - JorDen Tyson

JorDen Tyson

JorDen started with Special Olympics in 2010 and told us that "it has changed her life for the better."

She first got involved with athletics (track and field), and it helped her reach her goal of losing weight and becoming active in sport. She joined figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics in 2011, and developed a passion and love for both these sports that combined dance and athletics. She works hard at both sports and also trains with pilates, yoga, and workouts to improve her performance.

Special Olympics has given her a chance to become more social, and she has found true friends and a great boyfriend that supports her goals as an athlete.

FUN FACT: JorDen is also actively involved in music, and represented Canada at a music invitational in South Korea in 2017.

Let's Go JorDen!



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