Player Card - snowshoeing

Snowshoeing Team

Our snowshoeing team has been training and preparing for the upcoming Provincial Winter Games. The team consists of 17 athletes and 7 coaches who are ready to give their best at Provincials.

On January 28th, the team got together for a team night at MRU. The evening included a pilates warm up where "This feels SO GOOD!" was heard from Juliana. The team then rotated through a series of strength and condiitions stations including: plank, bridges, hops, bird dop, clamshells, lunges up, and a quiz regarding the muscle groups they worked on. Jonathan's, "easy peasy" statement set the tone of confidence, accompanies by Blake's, "I can do this".

Yoga followed afterwards, with numerous comments such as "I like this stretch", "this is so good for my legs", and of course, ending with namaste and a vocal team hum.

The team then finished with a bite to eat, and gathered together to talk about team etiquette, distractions during the Games and a weekend overview. Their goal for the Games is to enjoy the experience to the fullest!

They created a team cheer: GO FAST CALGARY!

Well let's go Snowshoeing Team!

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