Team Alberta 2016

Team AB 2016


TEAM ALBERTA WILL BE ARRIVING BACK IN CALGARY ON SUNDAY, MARCH 6th. It sounds like their arrival time is changing, we recommend checking out the flight status time. Flare Air Flight FLE306 


Please join us at the airport in welcoming the team home!


Special Olympics Calgary is excited to have 39 athletes, 10 coaches and 2 mission staff as part of Team Alberta!

The team will be heading to Cornerbrook, Newfoundland from March 1 - 8th, 2016 to compete at the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games. Please stay tuned for more information.

Calgary members part of Team Alberta:Team Alberta Manager: Justin Lee
Mission Staff: Karen Hurley

Alpine Skiing
Andreas Walther
Katherine St.Amand
Seamus Howlett
Siobhan Zobatar

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Cross Country Skiing
Brock Jesse
Colin Hale
Elouise Stewart
Emily Ross
Erica Manson
Jennifer Riddell
Megan Gilmore
Sarah McCarthy
Shane Stewart
Shaun Johnson

Head Coach: Holly Burton
Coach: Dave Jesse
Coach: Rene Hale

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Findlay Rudolph
Jeff Riddell
Matthew Winter
Neil Williams
Wade Watson

Head Coach: Dale Ellert
Coach: Masaye Tanaka

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Figure Skating
Benjamin Maeseeles
JorDen Tyson
Kennedy Zaytsoff
Kristina Hansen

Head Coach: Barb Prystai

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Floor Hockey
Ashley Nickel
Bill Hurley
David Johnstone
Dustin Allsopp
Jeff Price
Jon Wilby
Lynndsay Smeltzer
Nicholas Lilly
Richard Pepler
Tommy Bolen
Trevor Taylor

Head Coach: Shane Bolen
Coach: Jodie Schreiner
Coach: Derek Liebel

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Jonathan Stel
Peter Arsenault

Head Coach: Maria Powell

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Speed Skating
Katie Saunders
Nick Dagenais

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Are you curious to know how Team Alberta was selected? Read here





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